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Website Builder: How to Add an Image Slideshow
Website Builder: How to Add an Image Slideshow

Learn how to decorate your webpage with an image slideshow

Updated over a week ago

While using Hostinger Website Builder, you can add as many slideshow sections to your website as you like!

Adding an Image Slideshow

Within the builder, click on the Add section button – you can find it between any two adjoining sections:

From the sections' menu, select Slideshow and click on its thumbnail to insert a slideshow section into your page:

Inserting a slideshow section to a page

And that's it! Now, learn how to customize the slideshow section 👇

Managing the Slideshow Section

Click on the slideshow section to see all the available settings:

Editing the slideshow section in Hostinger Website Builder

Here, you'll find the following options:

Edit section

  • Style:

    • Choose the type of controls, e.g., navigation arrows, slide buttons, or both

    • Set the preferred color of the controls

  • Settings:

    • Autoplay slideshow

    • Loop slides


View the current slide

Change slides

Click on Change slides to do the following:

  • Add slides

  • Sort slides

  • Delete slides


Duplicate the slideshow section


Hide or show the slideshow section on the desktop/mobile version of the website


Delete the slideshow section

Move up/down

Move the slideshow section up or down


Copy the slideshow section


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