With Stripe, you can send customizable order receipts to your clients once their purchase is made:

Sending receipts manually

To send receipts manually (in case you'd like to send them only with some orders):

1. Find the order on your Stripe dashboard by going to Payments → All payments. Click on the order in question:

2. Scroll down to Receipt history → Send receipt and enter customer's contact email. You can also view the receipt before sending it:

Setting up automatic receipts

If you'd like receipts to reach all your clients automatically once successful payments are made:

1. Go to Settings → Business settings → Emails:

2. Turn on emails for successful payments and/or refunds and Save your changes:

You can also adjust the default receipt language and specify a support email address to which you'll receive email replies.

To build customer trust, you can specify your business email address from which receipts are sent. This will require verifying your domain by adding provided DNS zone records. You can find detailed instructions here: Email domain

Customizing receipts

You edit the look of your receipt to match your branding. Go to Settings → Business settings → Branding:

Here, you can make various changes: upload your icon and logo, and adjust brand and accent colors. Once you're happy with the look, send yourself a test receipt and save the changes:

For more information on email receipts, check this article by Stripe: Email receipts 💡

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