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Website Builder: How to Manage Orders in the Online Store
Website Builder: How to Manage Orders in the Online Store

Learn how to manage orders in your online store with Hostinger Website Builder

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You can find all your orders in the Orders section of your store management area.

There, you can see the order number, the date, the client's email address, the total amount paid, the payment status, and the order fulfillment status:

Order Fulfillment Status

You can filter your orders by status:

  • All

  • Unfulfilled, or Not completed for appointments and services

  • Partially fulfilled

  • Fulfilled, or Completed for appointments and services

  • Canceled

The Orders page in Hostinger Website Builder


  • Digital files and donations are automatically marked as Fulfilled once the order is paid

  • The status Partially fulfilled means that the order includes more than one item, and at least one of them is marked as fulfilled

Managing Orders

Click on the order in question to view more details. On the order page, you can do the following:

Adding a Tracking Number

You can add tracking numbers to fulfilled orders, or when marking orders as fulfilled. Open the order in question and click Add tracking:

Adding a tracking number to an order

Add the tracking number and the tracking page URL, and your client will automatically get an email notification (make sure the field Send shipping information email is check-marked):

Adding order tracking information: the tracking number and the tracking page URL

You can update tracking information multiple times, and your clients will be automatically informed about the changes 💡

Email Notifications on New Orders

You'll be automatically informed about new orders to the email address that's specified in the Store settings Company information.

Similarly, your clients will be automatically notified about the successfully submitted orders at your store via email. You can check all client email notifications in the Store settings Emails.

NOTE: Order confirmation emails are sent immediately once the order is created, but appointment confirmation and digital products are sent only once the order is marked as Paid

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