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How to Get a Refund for a Payment Made Offline (e.g., in Cash)
How to Get a Refund for a Payment Made Offline (e.g., in Cash)

Learn what additional information is required to receive a refund for a payment made using an offline payment method, such as cash

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If you request a refund, it is issued to the original payment source, i.e. to the payment method that you used to make the purchase, e.g., your PayPal account or your credit card.

However, some methods that support cash payments, such as PSE or Efecty (on Hostinger Colombia), OXXO or SPEI (on Hostinger Mexico), or Rapipago (on Hostinger Argentina) do not have an associated account to which the refund could be automatically issued.

In this case, we'll ask you to provide information about your bank account, to which we can issue the refund. To process your refund successfully, we need the following details:

  • Account holder: the full name of the person who owns the bank account

  • National ID or personal card number: it's an official personal identification number, such as DNI, cédula, CURP, CUIT/CUIL, etc.

  • Bank name: the commercial name of the financial institution where the bank account is located, for example, BBVA, Bancolombia, Santander, etc.

  • Bank and/or branch number: an identifier number of the specific establishment associated with the account; you can see more about it in the following section

  • Account number: the full account number; its length may vary:

    • For accounts in Mexico, the 18-digit CLABE interbank number is also required

    • For accounts in Argentina, the Uniform Banking Code (CBU) is also required

  • Account type: the most common bank account types are savings or checking accounts; you can find this information in your account statement or online banking application


How to Locate Your Bank or Branch Number

If you're not sure what's your bank or branch number, here are some ways you may locate it:

  • If you have a checkbook, it will be printed on your checks

  • You can find it on your bank statement

  • Check your online banking application

  • Browse your bank's official website

If the steps above don't help, contact your bank's support department to clarify about that.

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