We are working on fully implementing an automatic refund process. If this option is still not available on your panel, you can create a manual request.

We are truly sorry to hear that you are considering refunding your services!

To initiate the automated refund process, go to the Help Page, and choose Payments & Refunds → I want to get a refund Request a refund:

After clicking on Request a refund, a new window will load with the paid invoices from the last 30 days. Select the invoice you wish to request a refund for:

You can also click on the downward arrow to see the invoice details. If the invoice is refundable and the service has auto-renewal enabled, you will be able to choose to disable the automatic renewal or continue with the refund by clicking Refund.

Next, you will see the list of invoice items. Select the services you wish to refund and click Continue:

You will be presented with information regarding your services before cancellation. After reading it, check the verification mark and click on Continue:

In the following step, please choose the option that matches the reason for your request and click Submit. After you see the summary of the refund, click on Request refund and confirm.

That's it! Your refund request has been registered. You will receive an e-mail confirmation. You will also be able to track its progress via Billing Payment History section:

Manual refund request

If the automated option is not available yet on your control panel, please contact our Customer Success team by Live Chat, we will help you out 😊


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