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How Long Does a Refund Take?
How Long Does a Refund Take?

Estimated timeframes where you can expect your refund to be completed

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Whenever you request a refund for your services, we start processing it right away.

However, it will take some time for the money to get back to you, depending on the type of payment method used, as well as some additional verifications required by payment gateways.

Here are the estimated times for refunds to be completed according to the original payment method used when you first purchased:

Payment Method

Timeframe (in business days)



Credit/debit card




Other payment methods



  • Some of the listed payment methods may be unavailable at your location; you may check the availability here: What Payment Methods Are Available at Hostinger?

  • Business days are considered Monday through Friday, excluding bank holidays

  • If you removed the original payment method from your Hostinger account, you can be confident that any ongoing refund request will still be processed

What to Do If the Refund is Taking Longer

In some cases, the timeframe of your refund may extend due to the following reasons:

  • Missing information to perform the refund – we will contact you to request any additional details

  • Your bank initially rejects the transaction – the refund is retried automatically, which resets the timeframe

Rest assured that even if this causes an unexpected delay, you will receive your refund. You do not need to perform any further actions – we will take care of everything for you 😊

How to Check the Refund Status

Once your refund is completed, its status is Refunded – you may check that in the Payment History of your Billing section. Additionally, a separate invoice is created for the refund.

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