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How to Use the WordPress AI Assistant
How to Use the WordPress AI Assistant

Get more traffic for your business with the help of Hostinger WordPress AI Assistant

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Hostinger AI Assistant is a free AI content generator plugin available with our web hosting and cloud hosting plans 🎉

Install AI Assistant While Creating a New WordPress Website

You can find this feature by adding a new WordPress website to your hosting plan. During the onboarding process, you'll land on the step Create Your Website with AI – here's where you begin. Insert your brand name, describe what you do, and click on Generate content:

Then, proceed with setting up your website.

Install AI Assistant for an Existing WordPress Website

Alternatively, if you've already set up your WordPress website and want to use AI Assistant, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Websites section

  2. Click on Manage next to the WordPress website in question

  3. Find the Tips to improve section on the main dashboard page, and click on Install AI Assistant:

AI Assistant in the WordPress Admin Dashboard

To generate content with AI Assistant, log in to your WordPress dashboard and click on Hostinger in the top-left, and open the AI Assistant tab:

Describe the topic you want AI to generate content about, click on Generate content, and give it some time.

If you are not happy with the result, select Generate content again, and the AI will regenerate the response. Otherwise, select Edit as a draft at the bottom of the page to review and proofread the text:

AI Assistant Edit as Draft

Make any preferred edits, and, once you're satisfied with the result, click on Publish in the top-right 🎉

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