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How to Fix the “This domain is already hosted with Hostinger” Error
How to Fix the “This domain is already hosted with Hostinger” Error

Learn what to do if you get the error “This domain is already hosted with Hostinger”

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When adding a website to a hosting plan, you may get the following message:

This domain is already hosted with Hostinger. Please choose a different domain or remove this one from other hosting plans.

This happens when the domain or subdomain you're trying to add to a hosting plan is already added as a website at Hostinger. It can be added either to:

  • The same or another hosting plan in the same Hostinger account

  • Another hosting plan in a different Hostinger account

For technical and security reasons, each domain can only be added to one hosting plan at a time. You can release the domain from its current location as long as the hosting plan is active or suspended due to non-payment. Just follow these steps:

  1. Find the website linked to the domain using the search bar on the Websites section of your hPanel:

    The websites search bar on hPanel
  2. If the domain is not listed there, check your other Hostinger accounts if you manage multiple

  3. Once found, save a backup copy of it if needed and delete the website

Now you can add it to your preferred hosting plan 😊

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