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How to Transfer Website Ownership
How to Transfer Website Ownership
Updated over a week ago

If you create websites for your clients, you can transfer ownership of a website you developed to their account and remove it from yours. This is helpful if you created the website before your client purchased their own hosting plan or if you want to change ownership to your client's account at any time.

How Does It Work?

  • The transfer will move files, database and content to your client's hosting plan, excluding the domain name. You can also move the domain as a separate process

  • Once initiated, the transfer request remains valid for 7 days. If the authorization link expires, you can generate a new request as needed

  • After completion, the website is permanently removed from the original account, remaining only on the new hosting account


To transfer a website, it must meet these criteria:

  • Created using WordPress; transfer of websites using other CMS or the Hostinger Website Builder is not supported

  • Active status - the website must not be suspended for any reason

  • There are no ongoing migration requests for the website

  • The original hosting plan has at least 7 days or more before its expiration date

If any of these conditions are not met, the Transfer ownership function will not appear on the options menu. When everything is ready, follow these steps:

Step 1 - Initiate the Website Ownership Transfer

Navigate to the Websites section of your hPanel, click on the ellipsis button (⋯) next to your website and select Transfer ownership:

Enter the email address associated with your client's Hostinger account where you want to transfer the website and click on Continue.

In the next window, confirm the details of the website transfer, check the box to accept changing the ownership and removing the website from your account, then click on Transfer ownership. Afterward, the transfer status will appear below the website name on the Websites section.

The next step must be performed on your client's account.

Step 2 - Accepting the Transfer

Once the transfer request is initiated, your client will receive an email to accept the website transfer. The pending action will also appear on your client's hPanel Home, where they can click on the Accept button to proceed with the transfer.

If there is an active hosting plan on the account that can accommodate the new website, the transfer will be initiated and the website will be automatically transferred - it can take up to 30 minutes.

A notification will appear in hPanel when transfer is been completed on the top right corner:

An email notification indicating that the transfer is completed is sent to the original owner of the website.

That's it! Now the website is hosted on its new owner's account and can be managed from there.

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