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Changes in hPanel Navigation
Changes in hPanel Navigation

Learn where to find hosting management functionalities on hPanel

Updated over a week ago

To enhance your experience using hPanel, we are removing the Hosting page and consolidating all functionality into the new Websites page. Now, you can perform all the actions previously available on the Hosting page through the Websites page.

The shortcut to the Hosting page on the top navigation bar will be removed. If you’re looking for functionality that was previously accessed through this page, navigate to the Websites section instead.

Changes in the Websites Page

The websites will be grouped by hosting plan. This way, you will be able to identify where a website is hosted.

You will also be able to perform the following actions from the Websites page:

As well as the previously existing functions already on the Websites page:

This new streamlined navigation makes your hosting and website management experience smoother and more intuitive 🚀

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