hPanel provides you with different tools to check your website's performance:

  1. Order Usage - here you can see the number of resources of the hosting plan, which your website uses. It's useful to keep an eye on this section, as high traffic might result in high resources usage

  2. Access Logs - in this section, among other features, you can see from which countries you get the most visits, and which devices are being used to access your website

  3. Page Speed - here you can build a report on your website's speed and optimization performance. Websites, that load longer than 3 seconds, are often closed, so make sure to keep your website optimized in order to have a stable high traffic

If you would like to check the website's traffic in more detail, we recommend setting up Google Analytics. With Google Analytics you can track who visits your website, what they do while there, and other essential data. This feature is free of charge.

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