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How to Get All CyberPanel Addons
How to Get All CyberPanel Addons
Updated over a week ago

CyberPanel is a powerful web hosting control panel that offers a variety of addons to enhance your server management experience. To get all CyberPanel addons, you can either aquire each one of them directly from CyberPanel, or you can choose a LiteSpeed license directly at Hostinger. Here’s how you can do it:

Option 1 – Purchase a LiteSpeed License from Hostinger

You can get all CyberPanel addons bundled with one any of the LiteSpeed licenses you can purchase at Hostinger, ensuring you get all the necessary addons without additional costs, allowing you to upgrade your web server from OpenLiteSpeed to LiteSpeed.

Here some additional benefits:

  • Upgrade to LiteSpeed: LiteSpeed is a high-performance web server that offers better speed, security, and scalability compared to OpenLiteSpeed. Upgrading ensures your websites run faster and more efficiently.

  • Comprehensive Addon Bundle: This bundle includes all the essential CyberPanel add-ons, including WordPress Manager, Apache as Reverse Proxy, Email Limits, Backupsv2, SSLv2, RSPAMD Manager, and more, at no additional cost.

  • Enhanced Performance and Features: With LiteSpeed, you get advanced features like QUIC, HTTP/3 support, and superior cache management, which are not available in OpenLiteSpeed.

Included Addons

When you get the CyberPanel addons bundle through a LiteSpeed license from Hostinger, you’ll receive the following addons:

  • WordPress Manager: Simplifies the management of your WordPress sites.

  • Apache as Reverse Proxy: Enhances performance by using Apache as a reverse proxy.

  • Email Limits: Allows you to set limits on email accounts to manage usage effectively.

  • Backupsv2: Provides advanced backup solutions to protect your data.

  • SSLv2: Enhances security with advanced SSL management features.

  • RSPAMD Manager: Helps manage spam filters and email security.

  • And More: Includes various other tools and features to optimize your server management.

Option 2 – Purchase from CyberPanel

Alternatively, you can purchase CyberPanel addons directly from CyberPanel’s official website. This option is straightforward and allows you to select and buy the specific addons you need.

Whether you choose to purchase directly from CyberPanel or through Hostinger’s LiteSpeed licenses, getting all CyberPanel addons will significantly enhance your server management capabilities 🚀

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