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How to Edit the php.ini File
How to Edit the php.ini File

Editing the php.ini file at Hostinger

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The php.ini file is a configuration file used in PHP to control various settings and parameters. It contains directives that determine how PHP functions, handles data, manages resources, and interacts with web servers.

Due to the hosting environment architecture of Web and Cloud hosting plans, access to the php.ini file is disabled. Alternatively, you can modify settings such as memory_limit, error_reporting, maximum file upload sizes, and more through the PHP Options section of your hPanel, or by adding directives such as php_flag on your .htacccess file.

If you definitely need to access the php.ini file and all its settings, VPS hosting is the best option for you. Virtual Private Servers is a self-managed hosting solution, where you will have all the flexibility and control over your server configurations 🚀

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