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It is possible to move some recently purchased services if they are pending activation. They would look like this on your hPanel:

To find out if your service is eligible, as well as to initiate the move, contact our Customer Success team from the account where the service is located and we will gladly help you 😊

Domain names can be moved after 4 days of activation, just follow this procedure: Move domain between Hostinger accounts.

If your service is already active, is refundable, and within the refund period, you can simply request a refund and purchase it again on the new account.

In case you have a Hosting Account that has been active for over 30 days, as it cannot be moved, you can alternatively upload your website's files and databases to a new account. To do so, follow this useful guide: Restore a website on a new hosting account. If you were using the free email included in your account, make sure to export your messages and import them into the new hosting account as well.

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