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If you are using Hostinger Email and you are unable to log in to your email, it may be due to a few different reasons. Let’s go through the most common:

Incorrect Login Credentials or Webmail URL

The first option to check is whether you are entering Webmail from the correct URL. To verify, make sure to enter the following on your search bar: mail.hostinger.com

You can also add it to your bookmarks to save time 😊

Next, check if the entered email account and password are correct. If needed, reset the password.

Disabled Mail services

If your Mail services are disabled, you won’t be able to log in to Webmail. This can happen due to the service being disabled, either manually or automatically. Check your email account’s mail Settings to see if the email services and access are enabled.

If the mail services were disabled automatically, you can find more about it and how to fix it in the following guide: What to Do if Your Hostinger Email Account Is Suspended.


  • If you suspect that your email account was compromised and used to send spam, it is recommended to turn off the mail services manually while you apply the necessary measures to prevent it

Maintenance in Progress

It is possible that you cannot log in due to maintenance on our servers. This can always be checked on our Status page under the Email Hosting services section:

The Hostnger status page showing Email Hosting services status

If you still can’t log in after checking the URL and credentials, your mail services are enabled, and the email services are operational, contact our Customer Success Team, and we will help you out 😊

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