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Hostinger Email: Troubleshooting
What to Do if Hostinger Emails Are Not Working?
What to Do if Hostinger Emails Are Not Working?

Troubleshooting Hostinger Email issues

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There are several reasons behind having issues with Hostinger Email. To start the troubleshooting process, check the steps below, and make sure that:

  1. Your hosting or email hosting plan is active

  2. Your domain is registered and activated

  3. The correct Hostinger Email MX records are added to your domain's DNS zone

    1. To ensure proper email deliverability, we also recommend you add SPF and DKIM records

    2. If your domain is pointed to Hostiner by nameservers, all the required email records are added automatically

  4. You have created the email account

  5. Your email services are enabled


  • After activation, a domain can take up to 24 hours to start working

  • After making any changes in your domain's DNS zone (adding, removing, updating DNS records, etc.), give them up to 24 hours to propagate worldwide 💡

  • Email messages can take up to 15 minutes to be delivered

Specific Issues

If you've ensured the above-mentioned prerequisites are met, but your email is still not working, check the below table to learn more about the most common issues, their reasons, and solutions:


Most common reasons and solutions

Can't send or receive emails

Can send but can't receive emails

The “Your message wasn't delivered to (address) because the address couldn't be found or is unable to receive mail” error

  • Mistyped or inexistent receiver's address; double-check for typos

  • Incorrect MX records on the receiver’s domain; the receiver needs to fix MX records on their side

The email client/plugin doesn’t work, but emails work on Webmail

PHP/SMTP file for sending emails doesn’t work

  • Double-check the file and make sure the parameters are correct

Emails are disappearing

  • There is an email forwarder active where the option to leave a copy was not selected; change the settings of the forwarder to leave a copy on the server

  • There is an email client set up with POP3; change the configuration to IMAP or make sure to select the option to leave a copy on the server

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