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What to Do if Your Titan Email Account Is Suspended
What to Do if Your Titan Email Account Is Suspended

Learn why Titan Email can be suspended and how to fix

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While using Titan Email, there may be a situation when your email service is automatically disabled and/or the status of your email account is Suspended:

An example of a suspended email account

The most common reasons behind this are as follows:

  • Bounce limits reached – too many messages have been sent to incorrect or inexistent recipients

  • Abuse reports – the domain or account has been reported for sending spam or spam-like content

  • Potential hack – when unusual activity is detected, an account can be suspended for security reasons; an account may be hacked due to the use of weak passwords, an infected website, or by using poorly coded/malicious SMTP plugins

  • Breach of agreement – sending malicious content or otherwise breaking Titan Email's Terms of Use

Unsuspending Titan Email Services

Suspensions are reviewed case by case, and different actions may be needed depending on the reason for suspension.

To speed up the verification process and ensure that your email services are back on track as soon as possible, reach out to Titan Mail support directly.

Contacting Titan Email

To contact the Titan Mail support team, follow this link: Submit a request – Titan Mail. Once there, submit the form by providing the required information:

  • Your email address – any email address you have access to and can use to send and receive emails; for instance, it can be the mail address you used to sign up at Hostinger

  • Subject – enter Email suspension

  • Description – provide the suspended mailbox (e.g., name@domain.tld), indicate that your provider is Hostinger and that you'd like to know the reason for service suspension as well as steps to unsuspend it

  • Classification – select Query

  • Optionally, you can add screenshots of any error messages or full email headers in the Attachments section

Finally, click on Submit. You will receive a reply within 24 hours or less ✉️

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