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How to restore backups cPanel/WHM?
How to restore backups cPanel/WHM?
Restoring cPanel / WHM backups with one click
Updated over a week ago

Our cPanel/WHM hosting gives you the ability to restore the following backup types:

  • Full Backups

  • File Backups

  • Cron Job Backups

  • Database Backups

  • Database Users Backups

  • DNS Zone Backups

  • Certificates Backups

  • Email Backups

  • FTP Accounts backups

These options will be located in your cPanel account under JetBackup 5 section:

You can restore any backup type using only one click - Restore button:

For example, if you are restoring Full Account Backup, allow at least 30-60 minutes for restoration to be completed.

If you are using WHM - Reseller account, you can also restore backups for your cPanel customers. 

If you cannot see JetBackup in your user cPanel, make sure that JetBackup 5 feature is enabled on your Reseller client plan, you can enable it by navigating to WHM Feature Manager Edit Features section.

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