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Unauthorized use of Credit or Debit card
Unauthorized use of Credit or Debit card
My credit card was used to buy something in your company
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If you noticed a charge in your bank account, but you don't remember using our services (or doing any recent purchases) - don't worry, our team will sort it out for you!

At Hostinger, if you pay with a credit card or PayPal account, it is added to your Hostinger profile automatically, to ease future purchases for you. So most likely you made a purchase with us some time ago and had an auto-renewal enabled. If you have several profiles, kindly check them all.


What to do if you cannot find the profile where the charge was done?

If you don't remember having any (additional) accounts at Hostinger or cannot find them, no worries - just contact our Customer Success team and provide the following information about the payment:

  • First six and last four digits of the credit card that was charged

  • Credit cardholder name

  • The amount that you have been charged

  • The exact date of the transaction

With this information, our team will be able to locate your payment 💪


  • Please, do not request the chargeback before contacting our team, our reply time is really fast!

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