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How to Download Your Invoices
How to Download Your Invoices

How to store a copy of your Hostinger invoices on your local device

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At Hostinger, you can download your paid invoices by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Billing section of your Members Area

  2. On the left sidebar, select Payment History. Then, click on the arrow (❯) next to the invoice you want to download:

    The Payment History section showing how to access the invoice details downloading option

  3. In the next window, click on Download Invoice. The file will be saved in PDF format to your device in the location specified in your browser's settings. You can open and print the downloaded invoice with any PDF reader.

The invoice will show the details provided in your Account Information: your name, address, email, and phone number. If you have added your company information, like the company name and tax code, it will also appear on the invoice.

The information about your account and company on the invoice cannot be changed or customized with extra details.


  • Tax invoices are available only for fiscal entities registered within the European Union/Northern Ireland and India. If you have included a European VAT code or Indian GST in your company details, the downloaded invoice will be tax compliant. Tax invoices cannot be issued for countries beyond the European Union/Northern Ireland/India due to fiscal regulations. You can, however, obtain a receipt for proof of purchase by using the method described above

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