This article is related to SSL Setup Issues that Hostinger is currently facing.

If your website is showing an SSL-related error, there are a couple of options for you to have this issue fixed sooner:

  1. Install a different SSL certificate

  2. Activate Cloudflare protection

Install a different SSL certificate

Alternatively, you can install a different SSL certificate. Available options:

An installed SSL certificate should bring results instantly.

Activate Cloudflare protection

Cloudflare provides SSL certificates, so activating Cloudflare protection will make your website available with HTTPS again.

You can either activate Cloudflare manually or contact our Customer Success team - we will activate it for you.

If you already have Cloudflare protection, make sure to set it to Flexible mode:


  • It will take up to 6 hours for Cloudflare SSL to start working

  • Keep in mind that as soon as the Lifetime SSL certificate is installed, you will need to change the Cloudflare mode to Full in order for the website to work correctly

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