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How to Uninstall an SSL Certificate

Removing an SSL certificate from a website at Hostinger

Updated over a week ago

While it's strongly advised to maintain an active SSL certificate on your websites, there might be situations where you need to uninstall the certificate, for instance, when installing a custom SSL certificate.

To temporarily disable HTTPS and make your website accessible via HTTP, you can unforce HTTPS instead.

To uninstall a certificate, go to WebsitesManage, search for SSL on the sidebar, and click on it:

The SSL menu option

There, locate the SSL for the domain (or subdomain) you wish to remove, click on the options button ( ⋮ ), and select Uninstall:


After uninstalling, your domain will appear on the list to install a new SSL, and your website will only be accessible via HTTP.


  • Attempting to load a website without SSL using HTTPS will result in an error

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