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Website Builder: How to Embed Audio Files
Website Builder: How to Embed Audio Files

Learn how to embed a soundtrack or a playlist to your website

Updated over a week ago

If you use Hostinger Website Builder and want to add an audio player to your site, you can do that with the help of a third-party platform and our embed code element.

All you need to do is get the iframe code of the audio track you want to add to the site.

Using Digital Music Services

You can copy the code of a preferred audio track from Spotify or SoundCloud.

Using Online Tools and Widgets

Alternatively, you may create a third-party audio player widget using Elfsight, CommonNinja or another preferred online tool.

Embedding Your Own Audio Track

If you wish to add an audio file from your local device, follow the steps below 👇

Step 1 - Upload Your Audio to the Cloud

Upload your audio file to Google Drive. Then, open the file in Google Drive, click Share in the top right, and change the general access to Anyone with the link. Finally, copy the link to your file and click on Done

Step 2 - Get the Iframe Code

Go to Lienuc - this online tool allows embedding Google Drive files directly into your website.

In Lienuc, delete the code for the image (because you only want to embed audio).
​Then, in the source line, replace the current ID (id=) with the ID of your Google Drive file. You can find more detailed instructions on the Lienuc website:

Finally, copy the code and add it to your site with the help of our embed code element 🎉

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