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How to Pay With OXXO or SPEI

Procedure to pay with local means of payment in Mexico OXXO and SPEI

Updated over a week ago

You can use Oxxo or SPEI from Mexico to pay for any Hostinger service by selecting the desired method in the cart for new purchases:

Enter the country on the right side and click Send secure payment. Next, you will get a summary of your order and the option to continue with the payment. Click on Continue with Oxxo (or SPEI):

A template will be generated so that you can make the payment with the option to print it. Then, make the payment according to the instructions in the template, wait a few hours, and your services should appear active in the panel where you can set them up.


  • You can also use these payment methods from hPanel for renewals and upgrades

  • While the payment is applied after a few hours on average, it can take up to two business days to complete

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