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What to Do if You Receive a Phishing Email?
What to Do if You Receive a Phishing Email?

You received an email from someone pretending to be Hostinger

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If you suspect that the email you received was not from Hostinger, you can check the sender.

Phishing example

Phishing emails may look a lot like legitimate ones, so you should never trust the appearance and check the sender carefully instead.

If it indeed was not sent by Hostinger, take the further steps 👇

Step 1 – Forward the Email

Forward the received email to these addresses:

These are the organizations that prevent phishing from spreading, and by forwarding them the email, you’ll help to stop the attack.

Step 2 – Share the Original Email With Our Customer Success Team

For us to take further action, we need the original email. Please download the .EML file of the phishing email:

Then, upload the file to Google Drive or Dropbox, make it available by the link, and share the link with the Customer Success team via live chat. Our team will take care of the rest.

Thank you for making the Internet a safer place!

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