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Can a Domain Transfer Be Canceled?
Can a Domain Transfer Be Canceled?

Is it possible to stop a domain transfer?

Updated over a week ago

Domain transfers to Hostinger are initiated as soon as the transfer order is set up. If you change your mind before setting up the transfer, you can simply avoid proceeding with it.

Once a domain transfer is in progress, either to or from Hostinger, it cannot be stopped 💡

If you are transferring a domain to Hostinger, you can check the status and notes in the Domain Transfers section of your hPanel:

The following notes indicate that the transfer is already ongoing and cannot be canceled:

  • Waiting for Domain Provider to Approve the Transfer

  • Domain Secret Key/Authorization Code (EPP) Is Incorrect

  • Pending Owner/Admin approval

  • Pending Registry Approval

  • Transferring

  • Processing Transfer

Domain transfers may take up to 7 days to complete. After that, for security reasons, the domain is locked with the new registrar for 60 days. Once the domain is successfully transferred to Hostinger, you can manage it freely and point it to any service by following this guide: DNS Zone Management at Hostinger 💡


  • Domain transfers have specific refund terms. Please refer to our Refund Policy for eligibility details

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