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Can I prepay for hosting service or domains?
Can I prepay for hosting service or domains?
Advance payments of Hostinger services
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How to prepay for hosting and email hosting?

At Hostinger, we offer a variety of billing cycles for your services - you can choose up to 48 months.

When calculating the new expiration date after the services' renewal, we base calculations on the previous expiration date. Which means that even if you made a first purchase recently, you can renew the service any moment - and the time will be added in addition to the already paid one 💪


How to prepay for domains?

Due to their nature, domains can be renewed only during a specific amount of time before the expiration date (for most TLDs, it's 2 months).

If you want to not worry about your domain being renewed in time, you can enable auto-renewal for it.


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