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What Happens With the Account Content and Settings?

When you upgrade your hosting plan, all your files, emails, databases, and configurations are automatically transferred to the new plan - you won't need to move anything manually!

If you are upgrading from a Web to a Cloud hosting, or from a WordPress plan to WordPress Pro, you will also get dedicated resources, including a new IP address. Therefore, you will need to update the IP address of your hosting account wherever you may be using it, such as:

You can find your new dedicated IP address on the account details page after the upgrade is completed.


  • The upgrade can take a few hours to complete

  • If you update your domain's DNS records, consider up to 24 hours for the changes to propagate

What Happens With the Payment of the Previous Plan?

When you upgrade to a more powerful plan, your investment is kept by converting it to the price of your new plan, extending its expiration date.

Consider this case as an example: let's say that the remaining time on your current plan is worth $50, and the plan you are upgrading to costs $5/month. Once you upgrade, you obtain the duration of your purchased upgrade along with an additional 10 months derived from the conversion of your current plan 😊

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