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Website Builder: How to Create a Company Website
Website Builder: How to Create a Company Website

Learn about the basics of creating a company website with Hostinger Website Builder

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In this article, you'll learn about the basics of creating a company website:

Key pages

Usually, a website of a company or brand covers the following areas:


This kind of section or page serves as a general introduction to a brand or business. Here, you may briefly share the history of your company, or its mission and vision.


This part is about your work, services, or projects. If you offer a wide variety of services, you may create dedicated pages for each specific topic and then assign those pages to a dropdown menu.


The contact information may include various details: the address, a map, working hours, a contact form, an email address, a telephone number, and even links to your company's social media profiles. There are several ways to present this information on your website:

  • Add a dedicated contact page to your website

  • Create a footer section and pin it at the bottom of your website

Useful components

The following components may also benefit your company's website:

  • Logo: add a logo that'd represent your brand and help it stand out

  • Live chat: you may connect WhatsApp, or any other integration to your website and allow your potential clients to contact you anytime

  • FAQ: create a FAQ section and answer the most common questions in advance

  • Blog: a blog can help create a stronger relationship with your target audience – share important news, interesting stories, and valuable tips

  • Online store: with the help of eCommerce tools, you can sell physical or digital products and services, accept appointments or receive donations

Website settings

Remember to update your website settings:

  • General: here, you can add a website preview link and a favicon as well as enable a cookie banner

  • SEO: update meta titles and descriptions of your pages, and add alt text to your images; to make your website easy to find in search engines, follow these guidelines: How to make a website appear on Google


Make sure that browsing your website pages is easy and enjoyable. Customize website colors and text styles, but at the same time try to keep the design clean and consistent.

As more than 50% of traffic comes from mobile devices, check the mobile version of your website.

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