You can easily start with a new WordPress site by installing WordPress! All you need to do is follow these steps:

Step 1 - Create website

Click on Websites and select Create or migrate a website:

Select Build a website:

And select WordPress:

Step 2 - Complete the installation details

Create your administrator WordPress account by entering an email and strong password:

Optionally, you can check the box to install the WooCommerce plugin - once you're ready, click Continue.

Next, pick a layout from the gallery by hovering on your desired template and clicking Select - you will be able to customize it later. To check how it looks, click on Preview and, if you wish to keep it, click on Select & continue.

Now choose the domain name by either purchasing a new domain or using an existing one:

  • If you select a new domain, you will be guided through the purchasing process

  • For existing domains, if it is active, you will see the domain's provider information and where the domain is currently pointing

Step 2 - Finish the setup

Before completing the installation, you will see a summary of the selected options. You can make any changes if needed by clicking on the edit o delete buttons. When all is good to go, click on Finish Setup:

After a few minutes, your WordPress installation will be completed and you can connect your domain if it is not pointing to Hostinger, start building your website using WordPress or go back to the control panel 😊

Step 4 - Access WordPress Dashboard

Once installation is complete, you will be able to manage your WordPress by going to the Websites section of your panel and clicking Edit website:

Delete your WordPress installation

If you wish to delete your WordPress installation, it is highly recommended to create and download a backup first. Then, go to Websites, click on the options button (⋮) and select Delete website:

If you don’t see any changes on your website after the successful installation and your domain is pointing to Hostinger, make sure to clear the browser cache.

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