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Website Builder: How to Achieve More Advanced Solutions
Website Builder: How to Achieve More Advanced Solutions

Integrating third-party tools in your website created with Hostinger Website Builder

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If you use Hostinger Website Builder and would like to enhance the functionalities or design of your website, we recommend you explore various third-party platforms and tools.

Adding Custom Code

There are two ways to add a custom code to your website:

To the <head></head> part of your website's code

To the <body></body> part of your website's code


Integrations settings → Custom code

Editor → Add element → Embed code


If the code needs to be inserted in the <body> or the <head> depends on the particular integration. It's usually specified by the developers of the integration and can be found in its documentation (example).

After pasting the code, it's important to update the website. Also, remember that the code is active on the live website, i.e., the change may not reflect/the integration may not work as intended within the editor.

Useful Resources

Working with code may appear intimidating at first, but there are plenty of free online resources where you can learn more about coding and languages supported by Hostinger Website Builder: CSS, HTML, JavaScript 📚

Third-Party Tools

  • Atlasmic live chat, sales acceleration, inbound marketing

  • Calendly – appointment scheduling

  • Elfsight – various website widgets

  • Infogram – infographics, reports, interactive maps

  • – quizzes, surveys, calculators, forms

  • Jotfrom – contact forms

  • Lordicon – animations

  • – comment boxes, contact forms, social media feeds

  • SoundCloud – audio tracks and playlists

  • live chat

  • Tidio live chat, chatbots

Other References

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