If you wish to move your website’s content to a different hosting account, you can do so with the help of backups.

In case you simply want to change the domain of your website but leave the content as it is (for example you had domain.tld and want to have newdomain.tld), and both domains are in the same hosting account, you just need to move the website files from one domain to another.

For WordPress-based websites, you can use the Copy Website feature.

If you are using any other CMS or have a custom-coded website, here are the steps to change your website’s domain:

Step 1 - Preparations

First, you need to define your final goal and check your hosting account, as the process is slightly different for various cases:

  • If you want to have your website accessible by the new address, but leave the old address working and both domains leading to the same content, the best option for you is to simply park your new domain to the old one

  • If you want to completely move the website’s content to a different domain name, make sure that the new domain name is added to your plan. You can check it in the Websites section in hPanel

Step 2 - Move the content

To move the website content, generate and download backups of your old domain.

Once you have downloaded the backup to your device, upload it to the new domain’s public_html folder.

If your website requires configuration files and the domain name is mentioned in those files (like OpenCart, Joomla, and many more), make sure to update the domain name wherever it's mentioned. You might need to contact a developer or a forum specified on your CMS for additional guidance.

If you are also using a database, make sure to complete these steps as well:

  1. Export your old database

  2. Create a new database for your new domain

  3. Import your old database’s backup to the newly created database

  4. Update the URLs in the new database along with the configuration file on your website

That’s it - your content is now located on the new domain 😊


  • To see the updated version of your website on the new domain, it is recommended to clear the cache

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