How to Get a Refund

Requesting a refund for services and products purchased at Hostinger

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We are truly sorry to hear that you are considering refunding your services.

Before initiating the refund process, we recommend you download all the necessary data since your services will be canceled as soon as you submit the refund request. Your files, databases, and emails will be deleted permanently. Learn more:

Once you download all the information you need, you may proceed with the refund request by navigating to the List of Paid Invoices on your hPanel, where you will find all the invoices of the last 30 days.

If the invoice is refundable per our Refund Policy, the Refund button will appear:

The list of paid invoices showing the Refund button

You can also click on the downward arrow to see the invoice details. If the service has auto-renewal enabled, you'll be able to disable the auto-renewal or proceed with the refund.

Next, you'll find the list of invoice items. Select the services you wish to refund and click on Continue:

The refundable services list detailing the invoice items and which can be refunded

If applicable, you'll encounter a notice stating that your data will be lost upon submitting a refund request. After reading this notice, confirm by checking the verification mark and click on Continue. In the next steps, provide any additional information if asked and click on Submit. Finally, proceed to click on Request Refund and your request will be completed.

You will shortly receive an email confirmation. To check the refund status at any time, navigate to the Billing Payment History section:

The Payment History section showing the recently refunded invoice with status Refund requested

After the email confirmation, you will receive the refund after a few hours up to a few days, depending on the payment method used for the purchase.


  • Products purchased using cryptocurrencies, tokens, or digital assets are not refundable

  • The refund request is not reversible: all files, databases, emails, and any configuration are permanently lost; if you change your mind after requesting the refund, you will need to purchase a new service and restore the backups

  • Backups of websites created with Hostinger Website Builder cannot be downloaded

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