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How to use the Websites section in hPanel
How to use the Websites section in hPanel
Understanding the Websites page in your Hostinger account
Updated over a week ago

This feature is being implemented. If you can’t see it in your hPanel, be assured that it will be available soon!

If you want to see and manage all of your websites in one place, we have a new page in hPanel that can help you with that! It’s called Websites, and can be found at the top of your hPanel:

There you will have quick access to the most useful actions for editing your websites. Each will show an icon indicating if they're created using WordPress, our Website Builder or any other CMS. The green color on the icon indicates that the website is active:

You will also find the option to Create or Migrate a website 😊

Let's cover each available action for a website in detail:

  1. Edit website - Click here to access your website's administration panel or the editor if you're using our Website Builder

  2. Website actions - Clicking here will show the option to delete your website

  3. Hosting plan actions - Direct access to renew or upgrade your hosting account

  4. Manage Hosting - Leads to the full options of your Hosting management, such as email, backups, databases, etc.

That's it, now you know how to manage all of your websites in one place!

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