There are two main steps to start accepting bookings in your online store:

  1. Enable bookings

  2. Create a product to book

Enable bookings

In your store management area, go to Bookings, and click Enable bookings:

In the section Your availability, specify your working hours by clicking on Edit. There, you can either select time slots from dropdowns or insert the time manually:

In the calendar below, you will see all your bookings.

Create a product to book

To create a product to book:

  1. Open the store management area and go to Products

  2. Click Add product

  3. (Optional) Upload product images

  4. For the type of product, choose booking

  5. Enter the product title

  6. (Optional) Enter a product subtitle

  7. (Optional) Add the product description

  8. Specify the price

  9. (Optional) Specify the sale price

  10. In the section Time and place, specify the location and duration of your booking (the minimum duration is 15 minutes)

  11. (Optional) In the section Booking conditions, set the minimum booking notice; e.g., if you need 3 days to prepare for an event, the clients won't be able to book the event for tomorrow

  12. In the section Your availability, double-check if your business hours are set correctly

  13. Click Save

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