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How to enable appointments

In your store management area, go to Appointments, and click Enable appointments:

In the section Your availability, specify your working hours by clicking on Edit. There, you can either select time slots from dropdowns or insert the time manually:

In the calendar below, you will see all booked time slots.

How to create an appointment

To create a product to book:

  1. In the store management area, go to Products, and click Add product

  2. Choose the product type: appointments

  3. (Optional) Upload product images

  4. Enter the product title

  5. (Optional) Enter a product subtitle

  6. (Optional) Add the product description

  7. Specify the price

  8. (Optional) Specify the sale price

  9. (Optional) Assign a product to a category

  10. In the section Time and place, specify the location and duration of your event; the minimum duration is 15 minutes

  11. (Optional) In the section Appointment conditions, set the minimum notice; e.g., if you need three days (from now) to prepare for an event, a client won't be able to book the event for tomorrow

  12. In the section Your availability, double-check if your business hours are set correctly

  13. Save the product

Once you create a product, the product page is created automatically. To display products on your website, use product sections.

Time slots

Depending on the appointment duration (the minimum duration is 15 min), available time slots are displayed in the calendar for your clients. Time slots do not overlap and are dedicated for one-time use, meaning that one time slot is dedicated to one client.

For example, if you sell 30 min online consultations and your working hours are 9-5, the client will be able to choose from the following time slots:

  • 9:00–9:30, 9:30–10:00

  • 10:00–10:30, 10:30–11:00

  • 11:00–11:30, 11:30–12:00, etc.

Time zones

Your specified working hours are set based on the timezone of your device. When it comes to your clients, available time slots are displayed based on their timezone.

So, for example, if you're located in London and have a free time slot on Feb 1, 10 AM (UTC), your potential client from Chicago will see it available on Feb 1, 4 AM (UTC-6).

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