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How Long Does It Take for a New Domain to Be Active?
How Long Does It Take for a New Domain to Be Active?

How much time is required for new domain activation

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After purchasing a new domain, it will be listed on your Hostinger account's home page with a Pending Setup status. While your domain is in this pending state, it's important to complete the registration process in a timely manner to prevent others from purchasing and registering it:

Step 1 - Register Your Domain

Click on the Setup button next to your domain order and complete the domain registration by entering the domain's contact details.

To ensure a seamless registration process and to avoid any activation issues, please use accurate and valid contact information 💡

After registering your domain, allow up to 4 hours for the activation process to complete, as the DNS records need some time to update.

What to Do if Your Domain Remains Inactive

In some cases, it can take up to 24 hours for domain activation and propagation to complete. If the domain is still inactive beyond that time, consider the following steps:

While awaiting activation, you have the option to:

Step 2 - Verify Your Domain

An email from will also be sent to the registered domain address for verification. This message is legitimate - click on the provided link to complete this process.

That's it! Upon successful registration and verification, you can continue using your domain on Hostinger or, if necessary, point it to an external hosting provider.

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