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Right after purchasing a new domain, it will appear on your panel as Pending Setup. This step is required in order to activate the domain. Just go to your panel Home and click Setup.

Next, complete the domain registration by entering the domain's contact details. Make sure to use valid data – avoid using aliases instead of real names or leaving empty fields. This will ensure that the registration is completed successfully and prevent any future issues.

As soon as you complete these steps, the activation process will start. Usually, activation is completed in 4 hours or less.

If the domain still appears inactive after a few hours, it is most likely due to DNS cache. The DNS records need some time to update and might be cached within your web browser or Internet Service Provider. Flushing DNS Cache can also help you see your domain active.

While you wait for the domain activation, you can:

After registering your domain, you will also receive a message from @hostingerdomains.com to the domain's registered email address, asking you to verify it. This is a legitimate message, so make sure to click on the provided link to complete the verification process.


  • While most domains require a few hours to activate, some may take up to 24 hours. If your domain has been inactive for over that time, contact our Customer Success team, and we will check everything for you!

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