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If you have registered a domain at Hostinger, either by purchase, transfer or as a free domain included in your hosting plan, you can manage its options from the Domains section in hPanel:

The top bar of Hostinger hPanel showing how to reach the Domains section

You will find the following sections:

  • Get a new domain - purchase a new available domain name

  • Transfer an existing domain - transfer a domain to Hostinger so you can manage your domains in one place

  • The list of your domains - includes domains purchased at Hostinger and any external domains added to your hosting plan

The My domains list displays the domain name, status, expiration date, and auto-renewal status. To open the management page for a domain, click on the ❯ arrow:

The Domain list on hPanel indicating where to open the domain management options


  • The management page can only be accessed if the domain is active

There will be three options on the left sidebar:

The Domains section sidebar showing the options to check Domain overview,  DNS Zone and Contact information

Domain Overview

On this page, you will be able to review all the general information about your domain:

  • Status - it will show if the domain is active

  • Email verification status - whether the domain is verified or pending verification

  • Expiration date - the date before which the domain needs to be renewed to stay active

  • Secret key - the authorization code or EPP code required to transfer your domain to another provider. The code itself will be hidden. To show it, click on the eye icon

  • Nameservers - the nameservers your domain is pointing to, as well as an option to change them

Scrolling down, you will find three options to enable or disable:

DNS / Nameservers

Here you will be able to check and change the domain’s nameservers (NS records).

If the domain is pointing to Hostinger, you will also be able to manage all the DNS records in this section. You can find a detailed guide here: How to Manage DNS Records at Hostinger.

Contact Information

This page shows your current domain’s contact details, such as name, address, email and phone number for the Registrant, Administrative, Billing and Technical contacts.

If you need to change them, for instance, to move the domain to a different account, just follow these steps: How to Edit a Domain's Contact Details.


External domains

If you have added a domain purchased elsewhere to your hosting plan, you will find it listed under External domains, where you will have the option to transfer it to Hostinger. For domains pointing to Hostinger by nameservers, you will also find a button to access the active DNS Zone and manage the domain's records.

Additional resources:

  • Feel free to check our collection of articles on Domains

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