If you have a website built with an open-source CMS (such as WordPress) and wish to migrate your website to Hostinger, our migration team would be more than happy to do this for you! 😊

Please note that websites created with custom builders such as Blogger, Wix, Shopify, etc. cannot be migrated and you'll need to re-create them. Our Website Builder is a perfect tool for that!

To request a new migration, all you need is an active hosting account and a domain added to it. If you haven’t set up your hosting account yet, you can request a migration during the setup.

If you want to migrate a website to an already existing hosting account, you have two options:

  • Go to the Websites menu and click on Create or migrate a website:

Over there, go to Add request button​

In both cases, you will arrive at the migration request form. Make sure to select the correct control panel you need the migration from:

As well as fill out the required details, your current provider, and which of your accounts you want the migration for.

Let's go over the migration process for each type of website, as well as when to point your domain to Hostinger, and possible status messages and errors you may encounter:

​Migrating WordPress websites

If your website is WordPress-based, its migration can be done very easily. If your website is live, select Use WordPress login, insert all the parameters and click on Submit request - we will check if the credentials are correct and there's nothing stopping us from migrating your website:

In case the website is offline, select Use link to backup files instead and provide us with the link to your website files location (eg. Google Drive, Dropbox, or other cloud storage).

If you would like to migrate your WordPress website manually, make sure to check this video:

Migrating cPanel/WHM websites

If you used cPanel previously, choose cPanel & WHM option. Insert all the parameters, and click on Submit request. The tool will check if the credentials are correct, and we can start migrating your website:


  • Currently, cPanel website migrations do not include emails

Migrating other websites

If your website is not WordPress, and not on cPanel, choose the Other control panel option:

You can use this option if your website files are currently stored in Google Drive, Dropbox, or other cloud storage - just add a link to your backup in the Additional information section.

When to point your domain to Hostinger

While it's important to point your domain to Hostinger for it to work with hosting here, you should point it only after the migration is successfully completed.

You will receive a notification about the migration being completed - after this, just use SkipDNS website and your hosting account's IP address to check if the migration was completed successfully. After you made sure, just point your domain to Hostinger and enjoy the boosted experience with us 🚀

Migration statuses

Once you have created a migration request, it will appear on the Manage Migrations Requests list including the migration status, date, and additional notes in case of a failed migration:

  • Pending: The request is received and pending to process

  • In progress: Migration has started. If all data is correct, it should be completed in the next 96 hours

  • Completed: Migration has finished successfully! You will receive an email notification and now you can point the domain to Hostinger

  • Rejected: There was an issue during the migration attempt. You will find more information and the next steps in the Notes section of the request. You will also receive this information via email notification

As an alternative, you can also migrate your website manually by following these steps: How to transfer my website to your server

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