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At Hostinger, we have a Website Builder that makes designing a website or online store a breeze 😃

Whether you tried it and later switched to another CMS (such as WordPress), or if you started a website on a CMS and wish to use the Website Builder instead, you will need to apply this change on your control panel. The good news is you can do so with just a few clicks!

Since each CMS has a different coding, you will need to re-create the content. And if you change your mind, you'll have 14 days to revert to your previous website.

To perform the switch from your current CMS to the Website Builder, go to the Websites section of your panel. Click on the options button () on the website you want to switch:

Next, select Change to Hostinger Builder:

Make sure to read the warning, mark the checkbox, and click Change:

A new tab will open with the Website Builder templates so you can start creating your new website right away!

How to switch back to the previous CMS

If less than 14 days have passed since you changed to the Website Builder, you can revert to the CMS you had before. Just go to the Websites section of your panel, click on the options button () on the website and select Restore previous website:

That's it! Now you know how to easily move from any CMS and create your site with the Hostinger Website Builder 🚀

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